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01 September 2008 @ 10:37 pm
August 30, 2008
or the morning (5:30)
of 8-31-08?

and days from nights into nights into mornings with you-
it was as summer hung before our very eyes-
with its final breaths not weeping, but singing a declaration of sorts-
that I tred down a road I had not yet seen before-
and your love I completed myself with- and through my love I was taught on the matter of heaven.

a moment in
     conflict and
recollect to the nostalgia.
we don't have to
miss what we
   always had
and never will have.
And on this
Labor day our
hard work shows
even if just a
How have we come this far? How come we've only come this far.
blot black ink
as the oil drips
from iron,
the corrosion creeping
up from our feet
though we walk
forward, unyielding
to the vines
crawling and
writhing, grasping at
our ankles.
Etchings on our bodies
to tally the sunsets
though its sunrise we
secretly pray for. How
have we come this far?
How come we've only
come this far.

And I fail to tell of the lesson of September 1, the culmination of a new phase of the moon-
                                       Does not care.
                                    A constant neither good nor evil, connotations set by observations of those who want to make them.
                             Decide for yourself what truth is.
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