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09 May 2008 @ 03:00 am
Truth or face of smile?  
No, that's not actually a question. Just a bad translation.

so today was... out of the ordinary. No. Scratch that. It was a day of life.

Protested my way out of going to school, later went for a 4 hour 'walk because obviously, I can't be trusted to fucking leave my house, and with in this brief time, I found out one of my friends will be bed ridden until approximately fall due to an abcess from severe infection on his leg and he has to move in with his mom in the mean time, then someone I thought was my friend tried to rape someone I care about and got their ass kicked out of the 'commune,  ----- pray they don't try to retaliate! Oh no!

There's some real shit in life.

And then I fuckin' went to Value Village and bought some shoes. I wish I knew where those shoes ended up because they were  very cute.

To top things off, I started talking to someone I swore had simply dropped off the face of the planet because obviously he deleted my number so he didn't know who it was that was sending him stupid texts so HAH.
Seriously though, you can't just "decide you no longer know a person", especially when you hung out with them practically everyday for a summer.  That takes a certain type of person. A shit person.

Haven't decided how I feel about this all- these are all just facts, stated with no personal attachment.

I feel I might add I miss having like, a super good memory.
Klonopin=shit for memory.

You might as well just carry around a video camera every day.
You might as well take shots every day.

Might as well job well done.